Upskirt Pantie Letch

By | May 2, 2009

UpskirtsAs Alex mentioned earlier we spent a lovely afternoon in the park today. One which I may regret later, my boobs are an unhealthy shade of red at the moment. I didn’t realise that the sun was so intense and the low cut top I had on has resulted in me having a red breast much like a robin. Lol

It did make me realise that we need to get out in the open more, this Winter has been spent mainly at this keyboard but Summer is going to be different.

The park was full of squirrels who rather than giving you a wide berth and running of and shooting up a tree, came towards you with a hungry expression.

We found a nice lawned area to play frisby on, not an ideal area because of the slope but there was plenty of room for a tot to throw without maiming anyone. There was a guy on the perimeter laying down reading a book and a couple of girls at the top of the hill reading on a blanket with their backs to us. Remember them for later.

All three of us formed a triangle which saw me facing up the hill at the bottom, with Alex and little nephew higher up on either side of me. This meant I could face away from the sun and be partially in the shade.

It also meant and Alex didn’t have a clue because he was facing the wrong way…that I got a perfect view up one of the girls skirts. She was wearing a patterned halter neck top and a very short denim skirt. Don’t ask me what the other girl was wearing because she had trousers on and I didn’t pay her much. No, not any attention.

The one in the denim skirt was a long haired brunette, who even now I cannot say If she was a looker because I never saw her face. She was laying with legs wide apart taking in the sun with her friend.

Only every time she wriggled to get more comfortable on her front you could see the white strip of material between her legs, cradling her sex. It wasn’t that I could get a clear view because of the distance between us but it was a voyeuristic indulgence that only I was enjoying.

Sometimes moments like those can be more arousing than a full on image. Stolen naughty moments which left me feeling as horny as hell. Well now little nephew has gone home I am going to exercise some of my frustrations on Alex.

Now where is he. 😉