It’s Official I’m Sexy

By | May 4, 2009

Sex Blogger AwardI have just been selected for an award by the lovely, voluptuous kinkster Luna over at The Iron Gate She has bestowed upon me a “Sexy Blogger” award.

I’m honoured to be given this award, I has made me realise there are people out there who think I am sexy and it makes me feel good. 😉 I’m quite a level person and to a degree self-deprecating so thanks Luna.

Along with the award come some rules as she puts it, This award comes with some rules. You are to list 5 sexy things about yourself and pass it on to 4 other people.”

I will try and do the task justice.

Suze Boobs1. There is no other way to say this but “I love my boobs!” After having none to speak of in my formative years it is great to have a cleavage. You may not believe this but I used to be a 32AA. So, now you know why I love my rack. Now I am able to give proper tit wanks too, much to Alex’s joy. lol

2. Although I don’t get a very good view of my ass on a daily basis, Alex constantly reminds me that it is a nice shaped ass that he loves to spank and bite. Therefore I love it too because it gives him such pleasure.

Suze Buttocks3. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I think my voice can be quite husky and sexy. If you haven’t heard me then go take a look at my videos via the link on the sidebar.

4. I posses a good sense of humour and I believe it comes in the top ten of things others find sexy about people. I’ve always been a bit of a joker and usually get a laugh out of most people. Unless they are miserable buggers. 🙂

5. And finally I believe I have one of the dirtiest and inventive minds you could wish to meet and I know that people find that sexy and a turn on. I’ll share a comment made on one of my profiles by a reader I don’t think he will mind:

“it is rare to find someone of such clear intelligence writing about her passion. You think, you do – you write. You articulate your thoughts…I love getting an insight into who you are!”