Kinky Neighbours

By | May 6, 2009

Kirstie AllsoppI love the programme Location, Location, Location which looks at different people wishing to move house each week. There are two reasons I like to watch, yes the programme is interesting but Kirstie Allsopp gets my juices flowing.

Don’t ask me why she just does. No. I know why. She is pretty, busty, intelligent and witty. All things I find attractive in a woman. And lets add to that strong and wilful, I think she would make a great Domme. She is up there in the top left corner, what do you think?

Which brings me gracefully to the reason for this post. She has recently acquired a property in Devon in a little town called Welcombe Mouth. Uhm, interesting! She has fully refurbished and renovated the cottage and is letting it out to holiday makers.

Interesting enough but then I noticed that it is right next door to an S & M retreat. So, did she take her own advice? Perhaps she could do some part time work as a Madam when not filming. Lol

Now how do I book a couple of weeks in for August? 😉