Hypnotised By Busty’s Boobs

By | May 6, 2009

Busty GirlI had a great Bank Holiday and returned to work this morning with trepidation. My job used to interest me and at one time was easy to do but volume has now taken away my enjoyment completely. When you are doing the same thing over and over and faster and faster there is very little joy to be had.

In addition the Bully has been interfering in my work and fucking things up. He is such a control freak the he can’t stop himself from meddling. I pulled him up about it this afternoon and await his response tomorrow. Fuckwit!

He had me so incensed that I had to leave my desk for a while to calm down or I may have told him exactly what I think of him and believe me I’m not alone, there are others just as fed up with him.

I decided to go downstairs and talk to my old mates Busty and Horny. As I walked in the door to their office (my old office) my breath was taken from me. Busty had one of the lowest cut tops on I have ever seen her wearing. I wonder if she is after an increase. Lol

She had a claret coloured top on with a low cut and a small bow to the right. It looked like she had two bald headed men under her top. I entered the office to give them the low down on everything and I couldn’t concentrate. I’m hoping she didn’t notice my slight distraction.

They are both going out on another singles night this week so I may be able to update you later as to how they both went on. I’m sure it will be better than the last which included OAP’s and a pie and pea supper. Lol

Oh how I want to move back to my old office there is nothing good to look at in my new one. *sigh*