The Little Shop Of Sex

By | May 7, 2009

High HeelsWe went out mixing business with pleasure today and visited an independent high street store which has just opened. The guy there was very friendly and welcoming and you just wished him well with his new venture.

The shop was a modest size, quite intimate and on a very busy street so he should get some good passing trade.

As Alex talked business with him my eyes were drawn to the products which were nicely displayed along the walls. Inadvertently I found myself saying “I’ve tested that” but not out loud as I scanned the shelves. Just like a kid in a candy shop.

Once I had catalogued the products my attention was drawn back to the conversation. The guy said the shop used to be an old charity shop and that an old lady passed by one day before they had refitted the shop and asked what they were planning to do with it.

Being wary of local objection to these kinds of things he told her that it was going to be a “lifestyle shop, selling lingerie and the like”. She offered her services saying she used to work in the charity shop before it closed. He kindly declined as her offer already having ample sales staff. Happy with that she toddled off.

She returned some days later when the shop had opened and stepped inside. Despite the shelves being well stocked with adult products she offered her services as a sales assistant, admitting that she takes a bit to get going these days but she is OK when she does.

The guy laughed looking around the shelves of goodies, adding “it wouldn’t take her long to get going in here”. Don’t you just love open minded people especially when they are pensioners. 🙂