It’s Nearly That Time …

By | April 24, 2007

It’s our [blog’s] birthday tomorrow and we were wondering how to celebrate. YES, obviously we’ll be doing that it goes without saying. I’m talking about something on the blog.

Well, first of all we’ve created a new wallpaper for you all. We hope you like it.

But then I thought how about something a little more personal, a bit more special, story just for you. So … I would like you all to say why I should write a story, for you in particular, about you or around an idea you provide. The idea can be anything as simple as telling me about an object that means something to you (maybe email me a picture of it), or it could be an adult scene that you want me to develop. Either way, comment on this post or drop me an email and I’ll write something around it for you.

BTW we haven’t forgotten the podcasting of replies to your questions, they just need editing and I’m a bit tied up at the moment, not like that :P, which is why this post is a bit short too.

See you tomorrow.