Whoring It About

By | May 8, 2009

The Three SistersRemember I told you that Horny, Busty and Skinny were going to a singles night at a local pub last night. Well, I went in to their office this morning to be greeted by the three hung-over sisters they looked dreadful.

As I walked in Busty passed me uttering a quick “Good morning”, on her way to the toiled to be sick. They had a good night I thought as I made my way to her seat, which was my old desk.

Horny started to tell me about the evening. It turned out not to be singles night after all and they got there quite late having stopped at each others houses for drinks on route. By the time they got the the pub they were already three sheets to the wind (for those unfamiliar with the terminology, pissed).

There was music playing and they all took to the dance floor, that is except for Busty she stood at the side of the room watching. That’s when he made his move…

…later in the evening a guy stepped up behind her and commented on how nice she looked. And before you know they are exchanging numbers.

I asked her what she thought of him and she seemed to be quite keen but not enough to call him this weekend. She insisted on playing it cool. I told her not to bother going on the men she had already missed out on and the useless boyfriend she currently has, who takes her for granted and cheated on her.

It sounded like they livened the place up as everyone clapped as they strutted their stuff on the dancefloor.

And to top the night off Busty did what she always does when she gets tipsy. She fell over and grazed her knees.

Least that’s what she told me. 😉

Busty, call him!