Global Warming

By | April 27, 2007

In true British tradition, let’s talk about the weather. 🙂 This spring has been unusually clement don’t you think? Well you probably think so if you live in most parts of the British Isles. Whether it’s down to global warming or the planet’s cyclic warm and cold periods the effect at the moment is the same; Summer’s arrived early and if the current weather is anything to go by it’s going to be long and hot.

Now I know this has its downsides, water shortages, crop failures, increased demand for energy due to increased use of air conditioning with a consequent increase in global warming … Too serious?

OK try this.

Sea level rise means the beaches are going to be closer to our house, and with the consequential necessity for lighter clothing there’s more opportunity to ogle the opposite sex in Lycra and gossamer-thin cotton. More chance for mutual suntan product application *evil grin*.

Now from those less than serious observations let me ask a serious question. Is it right to ogle the opposite sex?

*Suze jumps up and down waving her hand in the air*

From my point of view I’d say no. But then of course that’s purely subjective and based on the fact that I know I’m not a total pervert (feel free to discuss that point if you wish 🙂 ). My thoughts when I look at a female of the species are appreciative rather than predatory, I like the look of women’s bodies, clothed or unclothed, I’m just a simple man after all.

The question is does the object of my appreciation and observation welcome this attention or do they feel that being eyed-up by a stranger is unwelcome attention, even if said stranger is simply enjoying the colour of their hair, their eyes, how their cleavage looks in that deeply cut top, the shape of a calf …you get the idea … rather than wanting to club them over the head and drag them into the bushes.

I suppose that in itself partly answers the question, how the hell does a woman know that the guy whose eye she just caught doesn’t have his mother in a rocking chair in the basement?

Now I can only speak as a man so ladies, what do you think about when you look at an attractive guy in the street, or office, or through that pair of binoculars you keep handy by the window that overlooks the construction site? Hmmmm?

Suze says “I have a confession to make…I once had the opportunity to watch a woman taking a shower from outside her house…shall I tell you more?  😉