Who’s Fucking Who?

By | May 11, 2009

Which Porn StarCredit where it’s due I always say. Which is why it really annoys me that in porn movies it’s often difficult to work out who is who.

Depending on the stature of the star within the industry they may not be billed at all or just listed in the credits for a movie. If there are a lot of performers then it’s often difficult to work out who is who.

Occasionally you get a performer who stands out but normally it’s a question of putting a name to a face be elimination. It’s worse for male performers because they rarely get credited beyond a line in 6 point text on the back of the box or as a group of names at the end of the credits.

That’s why when I find a new performer I like to make sure I have a name and perhaps more info for the face as in the case Sasha Grey. I found out a few bits of info about Sasha Gey and put them on A-Rouse.com, all part of the service 🙂