Dream Biker

By | April 28, 2007

It’s around 08:00 and we’ve just woken up. I opened my eyes to see Suze smiling at me, eyes sparkling, here thick hair framing her face. “I love you” I said and she responded in kind.

All’s right with the world.

I’d woken from an interesting dream. We’d been out, shopping I think, and were trying to get out of a jam-packed carpark. We witnessed an accident as the drivers tried to edge in front of one another in a very chaotic and ill-tempered fashion. At this point we decided to abandon the car and hopped onto a pair of motorbikes.

No, I don’t know how we came to have a pair of motorbikes in the carpark when we had the car with us. But it’s a dream. We headed home, Suze leading the way, her beautiful butt filling out a set of black leathers perfectly.

We rode towards home but stopped a few miles away in a layby. Suze kicked down the side stand and dismounted. She removed her helmet and shook her hair as she walked towards me unzipping her jacket to reveal …  Grrrr.

And that’s when I woke up

Very Freudian.

So, where are we going? Dunno yet, but I feel a story coming on hehehe.