My Wife Is In Porn, With My Best Friend

By | May 13, 2009

Gob JobNow Alex and I love watching a bit of porn. Well, no actually, we both love watching loads of porn. 😉 We are comfortable with our own sexuality and don’t feel uncomfortable about watching it in each others company.

But at the same time I can understand how some relationships may not be quite as open and laid back. For me discussing porn and sexuality are a daily thing. We have conversations about it in the supermarket, in the car, even in the pub when we go out for a spot of lunch. Quietly of course. Lol

It feels good to have that level of openness and honesty in our relationship and I waited a long time to finds someone I trust so much. Alex knows everything about me and likewise he has told me everything about himself. So there is no danger that something will come out of the woodwork and take either of us by surprise. And I like it that way.

Unlike a couple in Taiwan.

The guy settled down to watch a porn film called Affairs With Others’ Wives and was getting in to the groove when he spotted his wife. Not only was she in the movie but she was with his best friend.

Now that had to sting. Not only had his wife been living a double life, but both her and his best friend had been cheating on him.

Now I don’t know how you confess to your husband that you have been staring in porn films, let alone be naïve enough to believe that one day he may not find out about it.

Do you think that having secrets is a good idea or are you a firm believer in being upfront and honest?