All I Want Is A REAL 9.5″ Cock

By | May 15, 2009

Ron JeremyI’m talking about the famous pornstar Ron Jeremy. He claims to have that amount of cock hidden away in his trousers. I can’t pass comment because I have made every effort not to watch any of his productions.

To be blunt there is no way that I am ever gonna be able to frig myself off to him. However for services to the industry he deserves an accolade. And even now he is still producing porn.

His latest movie comes out on Monday and is rather aptly called The One Eyed Monster, a film about aliens taking over his penis. And there is always CGI to help out if there are problems. Oooh, I’m such a bitch sometimes.

Given the array of gorgeous male totty in porn today I’m surprised that he keeps on cropping up. How can you possibly compare Ron to Jay Snake for example. That guy is huge in all departments. Which reminds me I need to find out how big he is, where’s my tape measure?

In all seriousness, Ron Jeremy is a legend. Not only for his longevity, but for his tenacity, persistent self-publicising and apparently non-stop schedule that sees him on a porn set one day and turning up for the opening of an envelope the next – if it will get him more exposure.

If you wish to catch up on Ron you can read this interview in the Metro.

Oh and the guy at the top of this post is Jay, eat your heart out Ron I think I’ll stick with “The Snake”. 😉