The Red Shoes

By | April 28, 2007

Another quickie.

We went out to do a bit of shopping and while searching for some summery footwear for Suze came across these shoes.

I’m not big on shoes, by which I mean that they aren’t the focus of my attention. Yes, I like high heals, boots and even plain court shoes on a woman, but it’s not what I’d call a fetish. I simply like to see a woman well presented for the occasion, be that in the street, the office, at a social event or in the bedroom. All of which may or may not involve nice shoes.

Wait a minute, I also like hiking boots unlaced and slobbing off a woman’s foot, especially if she’s wearing shorts. Espadrils I like them too, with wedge heels. And strappy sandals, with a kitten heel. Hang on, I may actually have a bit of thing for shoes.

This pair caught my attention however hehehe.

Should Suze splash out and buy them?