Hot Pole Action

By | May 15, 2009

Polish Kama SutraNow I’m sure that most of us have laid our hands on a well thumbed copy of the Kama Sutra at some point in their life. I know I got the chance to take a quick peek at a friend’s house, her parents had secreted a copy away which we found and giggled over.

A few years late I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Joy of Sex which I suppose took over as it appealed to the mass market. My parents were quite good at hiding things but not quite as good as I was at finding them. Lol

And we come to present day.

And one of the most unlikely people you can imagine has just penned a sex guide for couples. The Reverend Ksawarey Knotz sent a message to all Catholic couples that there is nothing wrong with a steamy sex life. I’m with him on that.

Knotz is a Franciscan friar from a monastery outside Krakow in southern Poland and as such I thought that he would be celibate. So I can only assume that he pulls his experiences from his life prior to the church.

The book hit the shelves in Poland and readers snapped up the first 5,000 copies so they have ordered a reprint to stock up again.

Keep your eyes peeled because they are considering publishing it in English, Italian and Slovakian.