Just One Look

By | April 28, 2007

Alex’s recent post about the rights and wrongs of ogling the opposite sex.  I personally don’t have a problem with it.  😉  For me it is a huge compliment to feel the gaze of another male or female for that matter upon my body.  It makes me feel good, attractive and very sexy to know that others enjoy my body as much as Alex and I do.

I admit there are ways to do this and sometimes if done in the wrong way it came be a bit creepy.  To catch someone’s eye when they are checking you out and see the look of embarrassment appear on their face as the realisation hits that you have caught them out.  Being … well, salacious.  Oh, how I love that word, it is very much a delicious case of onomatopoeia sssssalaciousssss. 

That word makes me horny, just thinking about it.  Don’t ask me why.  Are there any words which trigger your sexual urges?  It would be interesting if just the very thought or sound of a particular word gets your juices flowing.  😉

As I interjected in Alex’s post…yes I have now come back to my previous subject after that wonderful trip in to naughty word world.  Lol 

I once was out walking the dog some years ago.  It was dusk and I think around the end of August because I was wearning just a t-shirt and denim mini skirt.  Walking the dog was a chore but it was a good time to do my thinking and after a hard day at work it also helped me to wind down.

On this particular evening I was walking down a quiet lane with houses backing on to it.  They all had their curtains closed and the lights on ready for the evening ahead.  I admit I like to nosey and I had several opportunities to take a look in to these houses as they put on their lights and left the curtains open to let in the last of the day’s light.

The dog was walking quietly at my side and I was just enjoying the calm balmy evening.  I passed one or two like minded people on my way down the lane and said exchanged pleasantries and the dogs got to sniff each other’s butts.  Lol

I was nearing the end of the lane where it runs down a hill into the village when I spotted an open illuminated window upstairs.  It was a large frosted glass window, which opened out in to the night.  As I approached I noticed that there was steam escaping through the opening.  The bathroom I thought.

My pace quickened as I got nearer to the open window.  And when I was level with it, my heart’s pace quickened too.  I could just make out through the steam a naked girl, with a short blonde bob standing at the far end of the bathroom under a shower head.

There was a shower pink shower curtain drawn across behind her, I assumed she was standing in the bath taking her shower.  The dog distracted me as he sat down at my feet and began to scratch or something…I can’t remember what he exactly.  I told him to lay down in a hushed voice as I stood behind the garden fence.

I recall an overwhelming feeling of being naughty, looking at this girl without her knowing, tempered by one of guilt in ogling her in secrecy.  The guilt was soon eradicated by my desire to see more.  The dog was now laying quietly at my feet and I was enjoying watching her distribute shower gel all over her pert breasts.

From my position I could see the naked girl’s body down to just below her breasts.  I love to watch a woman run her own hands over her body, there is something so sensual about it.  As she glides her fingers over her shoulders and down her fleshy mounds.  Soap suds following her hands as they descend towards her pussy.

I couldn’t make out if her nipples were fully erect but I do recall that she had rose pink nipples and a fair complexion.  I must admit that I was so excited by my voyeuristic act that I didn’t take in all the detail.  My nipples were hard and my pussy pulsing with the excitement of my visual spectacle.  If I had been there a moment longer I’m sure my own hand would have been making it’s way up my skirt and inside my panties but the moment was spoiled by a couple approaching from down the bottom of the lane.

“Come on Max”, I prompted as I tugged at the lead and encouraged the dog to stand up.

Just one question…do you consider me a pervert for standing there and watching that girl take a shower?  Is it more acceptable because I am the same sex?

This got me thinking too…