Rubbing My Clit All Night

By | May 18, 2009

Suze MasturbatingThe other day I wrote about clitoral masturbation. I was focusing on the connection between stess and being able to stimulate my clitoris using my favourite toys. Usually without any problem at all I am bucking and moaning within minutes of applying my favourite clit vibe. It works every time. Or at least I thought so.

Over the week it seems to have taken me ages to bring myself off with my clit vibe. I’m finding that I am drying out and becoming quite warm as a result of friction I think. As a result of masturbating too hard. :0

I get to a point where I think “for fuck’s sake why haven’t I come yet?” and begin to get a little agitated. Silly really but when you want to come nothing else will do.

Well, I’m wondering if it is not stress which is holding back my orgasms but over use of my clit. Is it possible that I am going at it too much and causing myself sensitivity problems?

Has anyone else encountered such problems?