She’s So Well Stacked

By | May 18, 2009

Tinsley TowersLast August bank holiday a piece of history was lost by Sheffield. We all saw the demise of the Tinsley towers. They had played their part in the industrial history of Sheffield. Built as part of the Blackburn Meadows power station in the 1940’s and serving the city’s steel industry until the 1970’s when alternative power sources were employed.

Each tower stood 76 meters high and were a short distance from the southbound carriageway of the M1. An attempt to save the towers was launched to make them a cultural hotspot by transforming them in to an art installation with the help of Turner prize winner Anish Kapoor but the attempt failed.

I think it is sad that they have gone, I have passed them so many times over the years. A landmark is gone forever, you always knew where you were when you passed them and more importantly just how much of a drive still lay ahead. If we’d lived closer we would have popped down to watch them turned to rubble, but it was early on a Sunday morning!

I was prompted in to this moment of nostalgia and reminiscence when I came across this site today. Instead of taking me to a website about the towers I was taken to an adult site.

Very enterprising I thought. 😉

I wonder if she lives in Tinsley…