Anal Sex With The Office Girls

By | May 18, 2009

Gothic GirlWhat would life be without a bit of office banter? Well, not as spicy as it was today. As you know, Suze’s female workmates can get a little sex-obsessed (says the sex blogger as if it’s something unusual!), but I usually have to be a little more careful about what I say as I work on contract to various firms.

Today my internal editing system let me down.

I walked into the main office at a client that I’ve been at many times before and asked simple question “Where’s Tracy?”. When you’ve been away from a place for a while you don’t know if staff have moved on, got the sack or worse … the answer came back from one of the girls “She’s in hospital.”

Bollocks! I thought, has she got something nasty and I’ve just put my foot in it? Then came my saviour, one of the juniors shouted “She’s having something shoved up her arse!”.

At this point I should have said something bland like “I hope she’s alright” and made an exit from the conversation if not the room. But oh no. I heard my mouth saying “You mean a rectal endoscopy?” I meant it to show concern and understanding that it wasn’t to be taken lightly, the investigation was obviously because she had something wrong.

The office collapsed into giggles and the little devil that normally sits quietly on my left shoulder made me say “Did her doctor refer her or does she like it?” One of the girls replied “She volunteers.”

That probably wasn’t the most professional conversation I’ve ever had, but luckily the girls were amused.

Good sense prevailed and I made my excuses and left before my little devil found ways to get me into real trouble.

Phew, that was close.