A Chance For Me To Check Out Some Cock

By | May 19, 2009

SuzeYesterday morning I did as I normally do. Fired up my PC (got that from Gene Hunt in Ashes to Ashes), checked my email and logged on to my social network site. Once I had responded to my urgent emails I made my way downstairs to make breakfast, which I don’t enjoy at that hour of the day and a cuppa.

And dedicated as I am to blogging I returned to my desk with my breakfast and cuppa and one additional item. The cat, who insists on watching me eat my cereal and waiting for the opportunity to lick the bowl after. He’s mental! Lol

Following breakfast I went off to the bathroom to get ready. All normal for a day at work. Except when I returned to my PC I had been messaged by someone on the social network site and it read.”If you want to see live cock action now accept my call”.

The only problem was I didn’t get chance to respond because I was obviously in the bathroom. Oh well, there goes an opportunity. Lol

Maybe I shouldn’t have to go out to work. That would be good. 😉