Biker Girl

By | April 30, 2007

This is my continuation of a dream that I described here. What follows is how the dream might have ended. The fact that the dream was rather truncated because I woke up is a shame, but it did save on the laundry LOL.

The hot sun ignited her fiery red hair, creating a halo of infernal promise. The road was silent save for the occasional chirrup of a bird and the rustling of leaves on the canopy above us.

I hadn’t dismounted yet, the engine of my Triumph still idling between my legs. I smiled a salacious smile from inside my helmet as I watched her leather-clad body slink towards me.

I killed the engine and rested the bike on its stand, by the time she had reached me I had removed my helmet and was enjoying freedom from the humidity within it. She kissed me, perfume, leather and he own distinct aroma mingled with hydrocarbons from the hot engine and warm tyres. Is it a man-thing to be turned on by such things, I don’t think so, anyone can feel their pulse race at such stimuli if the associations are right. The smell of the car where you first made-out in, the texture of the shirt that you rested your head against when you got to slow dance with that guy you’d been after all year at your high school Christmas dance. Yes I think women have those sort of triggers too.

And Suze does like leather, leather and a little restraint now, not like when I first met her, the restraint is a new development. Evolution, that’s our relationship, constantly changing and reaching into new areas that we’d never imagined before. I digress.

Leather creaked against leather, I pulled her towards me and she responded by pressing her lips against mine. I parted her soft lips with my tongue and asserted my lingual mastery of her mouth over its lithe inhabitant. Her tongue supplicant to mine I broke away and dragged her into the copse.

We climbed over a ridge that might have once been a field boundary and down into the ditch on the other side. She slipped on the lose leaf mould and slid almost to the bottom of the gully. I stood astride her thighs, enjoying her laughter, it was like a welcome, cooling shower on a hot summer’s day. Blue-white rivulets of joy trickled down my skin just listening to her.

Suze propped herself up on her elbows and letting her gaze slide down my body to my crotch. A hand shot up and grabbed the leather between my legs. “Lay down.” She asked, so I did. Her hands quickly yanked my tight fitting leathers down to my knees. Suze leant forward and took my hard cock gently in her teeth through the cotton of my boxers. With skill derived from hours of practice she bit me to the point of pain and sent shudders through me.

Wanting all of me she released me from my underwear, pulling the waistband down enough to rest under my balls. She grazed the head of my cock with her teeth, white sparks fluttered down my shaft, became yellow in my groin and spread out across my back. I slid my hand into her dark red hair and without care or tenderness pushed her mouth hard onto me, filling her mouth, invading her throat, feeling her gag.

For a moment I held her there and she submitted, knowing I was in control trusting me to release her to breath again.

When I did she drew in a long, gasping breath. Then another. With the third she asked “Fuck me, please.”
She unzipped her boots and threw them across the leafy floor, I yanked at her trousers, the smell of their leather suffused with her freshly exposed hot skin. Her jacket was opened, but left on revealing her lacy teal bra and matching panties. She helped me remove my boots and trousers, then lay back in the leaves, ass on the discarded leathers, ankles drawn up and legs spread.

The darkened wet crotch of her knickers beckoned. I knelt and slid two fingers behind the seam of the waistband and slid them down to the slick, warm crotch, lifting them away and to one side. I couldn’t resist raising my hand to my mouth and licking her essence from those fingers. Suze opened her mouth tongue quivering inside, begging for a taste. But I denied her.

Her disappointment was quickly assuaged by my intrusion in to her cunt. I needed to fuck and hers was the perfect pussy for my need. Hot, wet and greedy for penetration. Her eyes implored I fuck her too, no love making or subtle manoeuvring of the hips. Tantra? Ha! She needed a bang, a fuck, a rogering, a ragging, a pounding of such intensity that feelings are expunged from the participants and all that is left is the carnal desire and need to be sated.

I would not disappoint her, it wouldn’t be gentlemanly, would it? Our groins collided, hard and fast, action that would make a porn censor wince, have them with their pen hovering over the “Refuse Certification” box. With every deep thrust she moaned, louder and louder her appreciation doubling her desire until she is frantic, oblivious to the world around us. I focus on her, driven on by her lust, fuelled by her reckless ululations. I press my palm across her mouth, the edge sliding inside. She bites, hard, teeth almost breaking the skin. I cry out, the pain turning to pleasure, mingling with the fiery sensations from my cock.

I am clenched by the muscles in her pussy, her orgasmic spasm matched by the tearing of her teeth into the flesh of my hand. The rushing of semen accelerates from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye, opalescent jewels of high-revving pleasure.

The world blurs and I slide onto my back beside her. My vision returns the overwhelming cacophony of colour subsides and I swim in a sea of blue bliss, Suzanne licking the last drops of cum from my cock.