Pussy At The Office

By | May 20, 2009

Doc Johnson Palm Pal Pussy Sex Toy Review

Time is very precious for us at the moment so I was wondering how to fit this review in. What I decided to do was try out the Doc Johnson Palm Pal Pussy at work. Not in the office of course, even in the most enlightened workplace that would be grounds for dismissal.

Carrying out the text of this masturbator would require a little ingenuity but would provide a relief from the stress of the day so last night I applied myself to the working out the practicalities.

To use the palm pussy you need two things, seclusion and lube. The only guaranteed seclusion is in the toilets at lunch time. The lube came in the form of a free sachet of lubricant from one of our other toy deliveries, very handy.

I waited until lunch and by then I was in dire need of a bit of stress relief. Usually have to make do with a bit of reading or research, so today was a bit different. I slipped the Palm Pal masturbator into my suit jacket pocket wrapped in a carrier bag.

Safely locked in a stall I unwrapped the Palm Pal Pussy and dropped my trousers. The thought of a lunchtime wank had me semi-hard and a little manipulation gave me an erection that Suze would be really pleased to see. I tore the top off the sachet of lube and applied it to the opening, trying to get some of the viscous fluid into the artificial vagina.

I attempted to insert my cock into the Palm Pal and found that as with all new masturbators the opening was a little tight to say the least. My prick sprang out and I ended up with the Palm Pal on my scrotum and lube all over my balls. Another more careful attempt provided a successful entry between the UR3 pussy lips.

I had to work myself in and out of the masturbator a few times to spread the lube inside it and over my cock until with a very gratifying popping the end of my penis appeared out of the end of the toy.

Internally the toy is ribbed. Although the opening is moulded into the shape of a pretty accurate set of pussy lips they are of aesthetic value only, whereas the ribbing does add to the experience of masturbating with the toy.

I found that there were two specific techniques that worked with the Palm Pal masturbator. First was using the toy on the first few inches of you cock so that it does not push all the way through the toy. This emphasises the internal contours of the masturbator and allows you full control of the pressure on your glans. The second technique is to push yourself deep into the Palm Pal until your cock protrudes, this gives a great sensation as your cock emerges from the toy.

I experimented with each technique at different speeds and found that slow worked better than fast for me. After several minutes of hard investigative journalism I felt I deserved a happy finish so allowed myself to build to a crescendo and with long slow stroked reached orgasm, finally popping out of the end of the Palm Pal and squirting gobs of cum down the toilet pan.

I cleaned up as well as I could and wrapped up the toy in the carrier for a proper clean when I got home. I did consider washing my cock in the sink before I returned to my desk but decided that anyone walking in might not be entirely understanding and so sat for the entire afternoon with a slightly stick penis clinging to my leg.

The Palm Pal Pussy masturbator is a very reasonably priced, phthalate free sex toy for men. If you’ve never ventured beyond your own hand it’s an excellent place to start with male masturbators. Or, if you’re on the move, it’s compact and will stow away in your briefcase or luggage to provide an alternative to the good old five knuckle shuffle – a great male sex toy.