Katie Jerking Off Peter

By | May 20, 2009

Katie PriceI’ve watched the Katie (aka Jordan) and Peter saga since they got together. At first I was of the opinion that it was a publicity stunt for them both. I mean who gets together with their partner on a reality TV show?

Then I softened and decided that Katie Price had finally settled down and found someone to have a long term relationship with. When they started procreating that reinforced my opinion that as far as the world could tell their relationship was not a flash in the pan.

I even liked their TV show and realised that although Katie did bring her own brand of glamour to the TV minutes it was Peter who held the show together and could present TV rather well. They made a good, if occasionally tense partnership on air. My view of Peter as a no-hope one hit wonder evaporated too.

However the more behind the scenes footage I saw confirmed the flashes of insight they showed when sat next to each other on the couch. Katie can be tetchy for no apparent reason and quite nasty at times. Peter seems to have the patience of a saint and I really felt for him every time she seemed to treat him like something she’d trodden in.

I’m not saying that either party was 100% blameless in the break-up of their relationship but was Jordan pulling Peter Andre’s plonker all the time they were together?

Either by accident or by design she managed to keep their relationship, and in turn her face, in the papers since they first got it together in the jungle. It’s done them both good, but if I were Peter I’d feel used. Unless of course he was complicit in a huge publicity stunt. I can’t see it though, and indeed can’t believe that Katie would have dragged her kids through a faux relationship deliberately – all in the cause of publicity.

One things for certain. Even if they eventually do get back together it’s going to be a tense relationship unless they learn to fit together as a couple.