Suze, DP’d And Loving It

By | May 25, 2009

DP SexYesterday I was being fucked quite furiously by Alex when I decided that I wanted something else. Something a little more adventurous. “I want something up my arse”, I called out on the spur of the moment.

I find these things are best requested when you are in the mood, therefore pre-plannning goes out the window , which is a good thing. I don’t like being formulaic and predictable. But tonight I felt like being double penetrated and nothing else came close. Oooh errr!

Alex leaned over disengaging from me for a moment and rummaged through my drawers then moments later held the Fun Factory Bloomy in his hand. I smiled over my shoulder as I raised up on my haunches I couldn’t wait to feel the Bloomy slip in to my ass.

I felt the smooth silicone penetrate me and enter my colon. It felt good to have the butt plug just sit inside me with the base nestling gently against my asshole.

Then Alex penetrated me stretching my pussy and sliding against my occupied colon. It felt good to be aware of something inside my colon, not overbearing just comforting. And when Alex began to move in and out of me it was like someone had flicked a switch.

Everything seemed to be just right and I came after about his fifth stroke I was so turned on. It became apparent that Alex was enjoying the occupancy of my colon too, he was grinding in to me with audible pleasure.

I could feel the butt plug move very slightly each time he fucked in to me and the action had me coming again. This time Alex tensed up and I knew he was about to come as his cock pulsed inside me.

A couple more deep thrusts saw him delivering his payload into me. Spent, he collapsed by my side eyes closed. He then turned his head, smiled at me and said “you dirty bitch”.

“You bet”, I replied. 😉

Just between you and me, I’m considering upgrading my butt plug to something larger next time.