Drowning In Her Boobs

By | May 27, 2009

SuzeAlfie made a comment yesterday that warrants more than a quick response in the comments. He posed the question “at what age one changes from being a casual admirer to a being a dirty old man?”

Personally I don’t think it’s an age thing. It’s more of an attitude issue.

I am significantly older than the barmaid I described in this post. Though not as old as her admiring customer, LOL.

While I wouldn’t say no if she were to offer an evening of fun with her inviting chest I am under no illusions that looking at me she does not see a potential mate, but someone who could be one of her father’s mates.

Just asking the question indicates that Alfie has the same mature and realistic perspective on admiring the female form. It would be completely dishonest to claim that men, no matter what their age, find women of all ages attractive for various reasons, be that physical attributes, personality or sex drive. There is however a point where the age difference is so great that you have to wistfully admit that you don’t stand a chance and that being an admirer rather than a prospective bed partner is your role.

Suze and I have a good relationship in that respect. We can both express an opinion that we find someone else, of any age attractive, or comment that they are handsome, good looking, pretty or whatever. We both know that the other has the maturity and common sense not to get any weird ideas that we can or would ever want to pursue someone completely out of our league. We leave that to the dirty old men LOL