Grand Slam Boobs

By | May 29, 2009

Simona HalepWhen Huge Boobs Cause Trouble

From our early teens we girls wish for boobs. Often doing like I did, wearing my mothers bra when she was out and stuffing it with toilet tissue or socks. Lol I spent many a secretive evening prancing around wearing her bra under a jumper to accensuate the artificial curves.

Then a trip to the bedroom mirror to check out how I would look with an ample bossom.

I remember being taken to buy my first bra and watching and waiting for my bust to grow to the size of a fellow class mates. They never did, least not during my school years. There was a girl at school who was gigantic and me and every one of my friends envied her.

Some girls were very lucky.

Now you don’t have to wait or feel inadequate because you can go out and buy yourself a pair of boobs in whatever size you desire. Not so long ago a boob job would be frowned upon and some girls would try to keep this a secret. Now you can be open and proud of your new found chest.

That’s why I was drawn to read the story in the today’s Mirror. There is a young hopeful wanting to become a tennis pro but her boobs are getting in the way of her career. She is Simona Halop a 17 year old Romanian girl.

Instead of having a boob job to improve her size, she is having her 34DD’s reduced to aid her play. She says they are too heavy and slow her down. Looking at the picture I can see why. And most girls would kill to have a pair of natural boobs like hers.

Mother nature sometimes takes the piss doesn’t she…