Naked Flesh And Fucking

By | May 29, 2009

Boots and basqueWe have a pretty average suburban semi in a beautiful semi-rural location. In most respects it’s normal, unremarkable and would be a little boring. The two things that set it apart are the view out of the windows over one of England’s national parks and the fact that we run a number of adult websites.

The latter makes the house remarkable because of the stuff that we tend to leave lying around the place, either because we are in the process of testing/reviewing it or simply have very few places left to put it.

I remember very briefly when I was a kid actually being bored. I think it was around the age of five, for about a week. Becoming interested in science, then computers put an end to that. My youth and adult life have since that time been brimming full of things to do.

Since we ventured into the world of online adult websites there isn’t enough time to do all the fun, interesting and plain naughty things we want to do.

This of course presents a problem because, if you’re in our little corner of the web, you get used to images of naked bodies, erotic books and sex toys lying around the place. When someone turns up unexpectedly it can be a bit of a panic, especially if you have a freshly cleaned sex toy in the bathroom, or have left a naughty book on the table in the living room.

The worst problem is the nephew. He’s getting quite big now, inquisitive and he’s not stupid. We may have to put a lock on the study door, but that will only make him suspicious. That’s kids.

Parents are a worry, my mother especially because she has eyes like a hawk and would spot an unusual item around the house immediately. We’ve been lucky so far.

Despite the risk of awkward questions we’re as enthusiastic as ever and loving every minute of it.

So it looks like naked flesh and fucking are going to be part of our lives and part of our house’s decor for a long while to come.