In Bed With Porn Stars – Holly D

By | May 29, 2009

Holy DIn Bed With Porn Star Holly D

Ever wanted to ask a porn star about themselves and the adult biz?

That’s exactly what I got to do with Holly D one the UK’s rising stars of the adult industry.

I love my job 🙂

I began by asking Holly how she got into adult.

“I began by going to fetish and swingers clubs with my boyfriend. We would always get a bit horny, and end up fucking and always drew a huge crowd of watchers. So it was then I realised how much people liked watching me so we started by making a few little homemade scenes and a couple of week later I was shooting for Burning Angel, Playboy and Killergram!”

Being in the adult business is a subject that everyone has to approach based on their involvement and the people around them. So how has Holly approached it?

“All of my friends know and they all think its cool. I havn’t told my family yet but then I havn’t told them about my tattoos either!”

One of the most notable things about Holly D after perky body and dark eyes are her tattoos. So I asked, “Who does your body art?”

“I get my ink by Kali at Pain Divine tattoo studio in Croydon.”

We know Holly’s into comics and graphic novels, but which are your favourites and is the joker on her arm a clue?

“Yeah I love DC comics, mainly Batman. I have recently had my sleeve finished and had Catwoman and Harley Quinn added to the Joker and Batman tattoos I already had.”

Has Holly had any embarrassing moments while filming?

“I haven’t had any hugely embarrassing moments yet, other than getting carried away a couple of times and kicking cameras and cameramen in the face accidentally.”

I have to admit that aside from the poor cameraman having to explain how he got a black eye, that is funny rather than embarrassing.

Now the killer question, Holly, what’s been your favourite shoot so far?

“I think so far it has to be my shoot with Jay Snake, enough said!”

Holly, I am soooo jealous. Jay’s currently my favourite male adult performer, lucky girl. What about people you haven’t worked with, anyone on your to-do list, or any particular favourites?

“I love them all. I haven’t met too many people in the industry that I didnt like, they all seem to be so nice and I would happy work with anyone of them anytime.” She went on to add “I’m actually looking for some new tattooed/pierced/alt/punk performers to work with me. ”

Does Holly have any preferences when it comes to directors?
“I love the director/producer I have shooting the content for my site, Loco and Jay Riots.

Also, Disanto, Paul Carder, Ric Porter and Hazza from Relish are always good to work with and we always have a lot of fun shooting.

Working with Kendo was a great experience, he is a real porn artist.”

The adult industry locations are sometimes unusual, where’s the most exotic place you’ve done shoot?

“Probably Brighton! LOL”

OK then, where was the most uncomfortable place you’ve worked?

“I haven’t really had any, everyone always seems to make sure I’m always comfortable.”

Here’s something that people are always curious about – What sort of preparations do you have to make before you begin a day’s work?

” Yeah, brushing my teeth before and after a shoot is an essential! I always shave before a shoot. A lot of the time make up and costumes etc is sorted out by the companies. I always use a lot of lube to get ready. I am known for having the smallest pussy in porn and the cocks in porn are pretty big, so lots of lube is needed!”

OK Holly, nearly through now. What’s your ultimate goal as an adult model and performer?

“I just wanna keep making the best movies I can and I will keep doing that as long as there’s people wanting to watch my movies.”

Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day?

“I’m not going to be a performer forever, there’s gonna come a time when I get too old and can’t give as good a performance as I can now and when that time comes, I think that’s when it’ll be time to leave the industry.”

What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

“I am working on lots at the moment, My site as well as a couple of niche sites, my own video game, my own clothing label and my own range of skateboards to name just a few!”

That’s one busy girl.

You can find Holly all over the internet on sites such as her own and and with other performers on,,,, to name a few

You can also find her in several magazines and DVDs.