Legs Wide, Grab On Tight Girl

By | May 30, 2009

Wide LegsI read this article on the BBC news site at lunch on Friday about how the way you hold your glass can tell people about your personality. 

I am apparently a “Jack the Lad”, which is wildly inaccurate. Well I think it is, you’d have to ask Suze.

However the article’s definition of “The Flirt” is something I can relate to. The body language displayed by some women when handling a drink in the presence of a prospective mate can verge on the obscene. And I love it.

It’s not just the glass and how you hold it of course. When one of these naughty ladies is on the prowl their whole body, posture, outfit and conversation work to entrap their prey. Prey is probably the wrong word as they are willing participants and would look forward to being eaten later. LOL

There’s something about a woman toying with the cherry in her Martini just before you get to sample her cherry. We all know what too much alcohol can do to a man’s sexual performance, but a little alcohol at the right time and in the right way … Hehehe!

The personality types are a bit broad and the article itself is obviously one meant to provoke conversation on a Friday evening when many people are making their way out for a drink after work.

I wish I had thought of it; Research that you can do while holding a pint? You’re a genius Dr Wilson.