Sex, Sun and Spanking

By | May 30, 2009

Naughty Spanking 3As I said the other day we don’t get chance to get bored at Chez AlexSuze. There’s always something to review and since our expansion into reviewing erotica that’s added lots of books, DVDs and other media so our box of pending reviews is bulging.

We had just risen this morning Suze was going through the overnight emails and I was finishing off my review of the new Xcite book “Naughty Spanking 3” when we could hear the postman struggling to get something through our letterbox, it was a young relief post, the Rammer is on holiday by the look of things. I went downstairs to ensure that he didn’t force the thing through and damage whatever was in the envelope.

When I was half way down the stairs it hit the mat along with some other mail. I recognised the return address as one of our DVD suppliers. So now we have even more porn to review. It’s a dirty job … but we get to do it.

We’ve put the porn to one side until later this evening so that I could finish the book review. That’s now complete and you can read about “Naughty Spanking 3” over at Erotic Buzz.