The Ultimate Spy Cam Babe!

By | May 31, 2009

KArly AshworthIf you have been following this blog from the beginning way back in 2005 you will have heard me say this year after year, “I’m not getting entrapped in to watching Big Brother this year”. The words are still resonating in my ears from the last time I said them. Lol

And ended up watching the show, admitedley not as much as I used to do but fairly regularly.

I start off by watching the contestants entering the house to see if any of them appeal to me and then end up watching every show to discover who I like best.

This year it has got me hooked early, before it has even started in fact. I just read in The Sun that there is a racy brunette going in. She is 21 year old Karly Ashworth and she looks like a bit of a minx.

Karly is a 5′ 4″ girl from Fife Scotland and is a fitting 34B. You can check her out here and make your mind up if you may be watching 😉