Horny And Busty – No Man Is Safe

By | June 2, 2009

There is lots of innuendo flying around the office at the moment. I’m not complaining I love a good bit of smut the office isn’t the same without it. We have been so busy these last few weeks that we had all forgotten what it was like to engage in a little dirty talk.

I’ve also noticed that both Horny and Busty have been a little bit male obsessed, first Busty with the builder and then Horny with the decorator who went round to her house to price up some work. I think he just managed to escape before she jumped on him. Lol

Today it was the turn of the burglar alarm guy at work. He turned up to check the system was functioning properly and Busty was eyeing him up as soon as she caught site of him. I was talking to her asking if she knew where he was going and the words just went in one ear and out the other as she craned her neck to see him around me.

I escorted him to the alarm system and left him to it. When I got back to my desk Busty was remarking how he was a “Man”, looking strong and masculine. Her juices were certainly flowing.

So if there are any single guys out there who can offer services let me know because these two girls are gagging for it. 😉