Naked Body Heat

By | June 3, 2009

Wet SexMy post earlier this evening pointed out the benefits of the hot weather. Fewer clothes with more skin on show.

On a more practical note I have just woken from an unplanned doze of about an hour. The decision to lay on the bed lead to me falling asleep and waking up sticky and furry-mouthed. The heat and the rising humidity have drained whatever energy was left in my body after the day’s work.

It’s very sexy to see bodies glistening from exertion, sweat dripping from hot skin, mouths open, panting, the heat making you delirious.

Yes delirious. Despite the visual and sensual treats of hot bodies there are disadvantages to this amazing weather we are having and they have to be acknowledged. Otherwise you end up feeling like I did last night when we made love just before the start of “Ashes to Ashes” – about ready to keel over.

Orgasms on the point of unconsciousness are the whole point of autoerotic asphyxiation but I’m not about to make a habit of it. After yesterday’s early evening session I collapsed onto the bed in a blaze of synaesthetic light and drifted in and out of the world that we refer to as the real one until I had cooled down and the trail of cum on my stomach had stuck my penis to my skin.

Our late evening encounter was not much cooler, but with the slight drop in temperature and with the fan cooling us the experience wasn’t quite so dreamy.

Here’s to a cooler evening tomorrow.