Shaved Or Hairy?

By | June 3, 2009

Red HairTricophilia

Tricophilia, or to put in simple terms hair fetish, is one of those fetishes that is very poorly represented on the Internet. It’s not so much that there aren’t a large group of people out there who find hair, playing with hair, cutting hair, or even shaving heads stimulating. It’s that the sites are a little amateur in presentation and finding out how people feel about it.

In common with many of the lesser known fetishes Tricophilia on the Web consists most of slightly chaotic sites by devotees and opportunistic pay sites. I can’t even find any scientific papers on this particular philia so even the research community seem to have passed it by. Well, except for one which refers to it as a “delusion” fetish and links it with schizophrenia. Not an entirely sympathetic view on what is not an uncommon fetish.

What have I learned about Tricophilia?

It seems to be about many and varied loves of hair and what you can do with it. It can be looking at hair, brush and combing, styling, cutting, putting it in rollers … the list seems inexhaustible. If you can do it with hair someone will get a buzz out of it.

I can understand it. While not a fetish of mine I do enjoy having my hair played with and my scalp touched. Therefore to that extent I see it as simply fetish based on the undoubted sensory pleasures of hair and the head.

A little more difficult to understand, from the point of view of a non-tricophile is the attraction of seeing someone shaved. Maybe they (those being shaved or those looking-on) find bald heads attractive, or is it the shaving itself? Perhaps it’s the removal of the long hair that so often indicates femininity.

By that I don’t mean that removal of hair automatically creates an androgynous creature. Some women look great with shaved heads – and that coming from someone who loves long hair. It could be that the removal of the clichéd mark of a woman serves to emphasise a woman’s other features.

At the other end of the scale that could be the exact reason why shaven-headed women are intriguing, a removal of their sex, or a subjugation.

This research has produced more questions than answers, so if anyone out there can give their take on Tricophilia I’d be happy to hear it.