It’s Big, It’s Black And It’s A Cock

By | June 3, 2009

TowerKen The Cock

Warning this post contains no sex! Lol

No, I just felt like having a bit of a rant instead of pouring out my dirty thoughts before you on this page.

Coming home from work tonight I was driving at a leisurely 55mph on a 40mph dual carriageway. Don’t ask me why the speed limit is set so low on a non suburban piece of road I don’t have a clue.

But just for the record I was in the overrtaking lane and making good progress past cars in the slower lane. The next thing I become aware of is a black 4×4 coming hurtling up to me at high speed.

I’m still overtaking so I can’t pull and this fuckwit is practically bumming my car he’s so close. At the earliest opportunity I pull in to the other lane to let him pass. He then proceeds to accelerate past me, who is now not in such a good mood.

So I gave him the wanker gesture out of my side window. Then Ken as his number plate spelt out waved to me through his open sunroof as he drove off. Obviously I wasn’t going to let him get away with that so I gave him the V sign out of my window.

Ken if you are reading this post you are one huge…COCK driving up to peoples bumpers and intimidating them to move over. I can only imagine you are compensating for something. Lol