Sasha Grey In My Face

By | June 4, 2009

Sasha Grey Do you ever get the feeling that someone is everywhere at once?

Sasha Grey suddenly bobbed up on my radar a few weeks ago. A surprising individual because she spans the world of porn and the mainstream media. I’ll be covering her and her latest film (which starts filming in LA in July) when I have more info from her publicity people.

What surprised me this week was that she suddenly seemed to be in my face where ever I looked. She’s all over the Internet on the adult sites, then I bought a copy of Front Magazine on Tuesday, only to find they’ve published an interview with her in there.

From not knowing about the charming young lady only a few weeks ago I now see her everywhere.

Odd how that happens.

I know she’s been gaining prominence recently but suddenly she’s everywhere.

Anyone else noticed it?