Screaming Sex

By | June 4, 2009

David CarradineThere’s nothing screams out of a newspaper headline, for the tabloids at least, as a bit of salacious sex in a story.

That happened today on the BBC news website.

As you may be aware David Carradine has been found dead in the wardrobe in his Bangkok hotel room. The maid found him with a rope around his neck. Strange and tragic as this is something rather odd happened on the BBC news website as I was reading about it.

Initially the BBC carried a report that he was found with a rope around his neck and genitals. That’s quite a shocking thing to report. Then, ten minutes later they reported a rope around his neck and body, and the image had been changed from a head shot of Carradine to one of him and Uma Thurman.

Very odd. Maybe the Beeb was having its chain pulled by one of its news feeds. Whatever happened it intrigues me exactly what did happen to him.