Big Booba

By | June 4, 2009

Big BoobaThe UK’s Big Brother Series 10 starts tonight and they’ve found a way to get us to watch it again. It looks like the wanabees are going to be even more ridiculous than last year.

Watching something because it looks like it might be a car crash might be a little harpy-like on our part but so what. There are two “babes” entering the house, if you believe the tabloids and there are sure to be some amazingly “interesting” characters.

The genius of the show is that despite being a dying franchise people are still watching it. It’s not the unmissable format it used to be, but it still engages people in large enough numbers to keep coming back.

The question this year is just how extreme, particularly extremely sexual, the behaviour will get and exactly how much of that behaviour will be show by Channel 4/Endemol. Too little and the dwindling audience figures will continue until the production crew outnumber those on the couches at home, to much and the broadcasting regulators will punish them severely.

There was talk that this might be the last series of the UK’s Big Brother for a while. It will be interesting to see what Channel 4 can fill hundreds of summer broadcast hours with without it. More repeats of friends perhaps?