Fucking The Boss

By | June 5, 2009

Office GirlI think most of us during our working lives have worked for someone who we wanted to shag. For me it has only happened once, he was the head of the department not the owner of the company which I worked for.

But there was just one problem, a pretty large one…his wife worked for the company too. And not just that, all three of us were in the same office. Doomed to failure from the start. Admittedly I didn’t realise he was married let alone to her. Lol

I’ve had fleeting naughty thoughts about various work colleagues but never had any flings with them. That is apart from my first which landed me with Alex. 😉 It just goes to show that you can make a lover of a work colleague.

All of this is pretty much normal and to a degree understandable, we spend a large proportion of our waking day at work.

However what I am about to tell you isn’t normal, not by far. Although it is very funny.

There is a guy in our department who isn’t what you would call worldly wise who asks me strange questions from time to time. But I’m used to it now. Lets call him The Virgin for the purposes of this post and any others he may inspire. Lol

The Virgin apparently revealed that he had a dream last night about his boss in a bikini. Now you may think this sounds OK, only his boss is a male. I’m not sure what Freud would have made of this but it caused a certain amount of amusement on speculation around the department.

You know some days I think I am the only sane person working in that department. Or am I…