Sexy Bad Girls

By | June 5, 2009

Boobs and BikesAre there times when you thought that you were in love with the wrong person? I’m referring of course to the world’s view of your relationships with others. Very often people close to you who believe they have more objective view of your relationship than you do and feel they ought to tell you before “you get hurt”.

It’s very often done with the best of motives but that sort of advice is doomed to failure and can cause all sorts of terrible arguments and bad feeling. Since when was love and lust anything but subjective. Unless you’re a member of the collective European aristocracy relationships and marriage are about desire, not commerce, alliances and logic. Being a slightly odd match is what makes a relationship happen in the first place and keeps it interesting.

This judgement of a mismatch can often be based on observation and calm reasoning by the concerned party. However it’s just as often as that the person you’re going out with is regarded as a bad boy or girl.

Of course the irony is that bad girls and boys are the ones who are often the most lusted after, but not the ones you take home to meet the parents.