Cyber Girl Sophie 30GG Puts Out

By | June 6, 2009

Sophie ReadeSophie Reade caught my eye on Thursday night when she made her way in to the Big Brother house with her bra unable to contain her, her nipples were showing over her bra cups.

She is a pretty blonde 18 year old with a couple of obvious assets. Having had her breasts enlarged only 6 weeks ago to make her a 30GG and she is claiming that she wants them even bigger.

Mistake if you ask me, and fast heading for body dysmorphia if she follows that through. Her current breast enlargement is too big for her frame but she just manages to get away with it. Any larger and I can’t see how she would get them to sit on her chest without having wrap around her sides. Lol

Sophie has been, as you would guess, featured in most of the UK tabloids. And it appears that Sophie was featured in UK Playboy last year, that’s her top left. Knowing that you would think that she has more or less reached the pinnacle of her profession but obviously not.

Where will she crop up next?