Urophilia (Golden Years – Part 2)

By | March 10, 2006

Writing the previous piece about J made me want to look deeper in to the practice of Urophilia or Urolagnia as it is known. Urophilia is more commonly known as “Watersports” or “Golden Showers”. Not to be confused with Urophagia, which is the act of drinking urine.

Urophilia is one of a group of Paraphilias, which translates from the Greek ouron, urine and philia. Other paraphilias include Voyeurism and Exhibitionism to name two. This is not to be confused with Urolagnia, which is the practice of drinking urine.

Paraphilias are sexual dysfunctions or behaviours and by their very nature are obsessive/compulsive behaviours. They have a specific focus usually resulting in sexual arousal. This is best described by comparing the guy who walks past a house where a woman is undressing near the window. He will perhaps stop and stare (well, I certainly would) and then move on but the voyeur will obsess about the peeping and go out of his way to do so, exhibiting this compulsive behaviour. I hope that clarifies things for you without getting too heavy. Wake up at the back.

There are hundreds of paraphilias and I read that the number of men exceed women in paraphilic tendencies. Whilst categorising these behaviours as paraphilic and perhaps lending a hint of kinkiness to them, I will point out that Scatophilia is talking dirty on the phone. Most of us have taken part in that paraphilia at some point in our lives. So, don’t go all smug on me.

Urophilia is apparently very well practiced in North America and is just as popular in Europe where most of the content is produced. Practices range from, peeing on each other’s bodies to peeing inside someone’s ass or pussy.

Less extreme is peeing in your pants, this can be an exciting experience to observe. Watching your partner’s crotch become darker with the moisture and seeing it drip from their panties or pants. Alex and I once took turns at this standing in the bath. I must confess I didn’t think that I would particularly get off on watching someone pee their pants. But I did.

He wore his clingy lycra boxers and I watched in anticipation as they developed a dark patch, which grew in size before my eyes. Then eventually the stream could not be contained anymore, it ran twisting, meandering down his inner thigh. Many may not admit to doing so but hands up who has peed in the shower. I for one am guilty of it and will admit that it feels good, the tingling sensation as you let go and then the comforting warmth as the stream runs downwards. Uhm, am I being too honest here?

Urophilia can become part of bonding, sharing an intimate experience with each other. Also instilling trust in your partner. Or used in dominant/submissive games, using urination to humiliate or make your partner feel helpless.

As for this fetish, it doesn’t require any special toys or batteries and it is readily available. The dilution level can be controlled by drinking more or less water. Even the taste can be manipulated by eating or drinking certain foods. For example artificial sweetener is expelled in urine making it taste sweeter. So are some vitamins so be careful if you are already taking vitamin supplements.

It is a myth that urine is unclean. Providing that the urinator has no STD’s it is almost sterile when emitted and does not contain toxins. It may surprise some of you to discover that far from being dirty, during wartime it was used as a disinfectant for wounds.

So, what’s in it? Urine is made up mostly of water, soluble minerals:

  • Salt
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphates
  • Nitrogenous material (Urea)
  • Creatine (gives colour and odour)
  • Uric Acid
  • Ammonia

None of the above naturally secreted substances are toxic or harmful in any way, except in high doses.

I must be honest and say that I’m not in to peeing on people or being peed on but I can well understand that others would be turned on by this. I am after all a very sexual woman and make no judgement call on other people’s sexuality or practices.

If you do indulge in this practice do make sure you apply the same precautions as for unprotected sex, STD’s can be transmitted via urine. If you don’t know the sexual history of your partner, don’t be temped to try it.

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