Great Fucks

By | June 9, 2009

LookGreat Sex!

I may have been lucky with my sexual partners for I have had good and adventurous encounters within the limitations of my knowledge. The reason I say that is you cannot discount maturity which brings with it knowledge and loss of inhibition.

As a young girl I was quite shy and it took a while for me to gain enough trust to allow a guy access to that which was most intimate. The relationship had to grow, unlike the current trend with young girls, which if the media is to be believed involves them dropping their knickers for a bag of chips. Lol

I’ve always enjoyed the full potential of a sexual relationship and don’t in any way regret a minute of any of them. Also the shortest time I had with a guy was 1 year, which rather changes the dynamic. You have time to grow together sexually and develop a deeper more intimate pairing.

The prompt for this post came from an article in the Daily Star which claims as you can see from the title, that you have your best sex after 4 years of being together.

I contest that, you have the best sex when you are open and honest with each other about what you like and aren’t afraid to explore. One thing I didn’t know when I started writing this blog with Alex just over 4 years ago, is just how enriching it would prove to be for me sexually.

I’ve learned so much and tried things I probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. My advice get yourself a sex blog too if you have the time to write it. 😉