How Much?

By | March 6, 2006

Regulars readers are by now aware that I possess a very, no VERY high sex drive. I just can’t stop myself from jumping on Alex’s cock at any given opportunity. I love to feel it, kiss it, lick it, even smell it (no, not in a cheesy way before you ask. It’s those pheromones hitting my nasal passages) but most of all to ride it.

To me this is instinctive behaviour and seems perfectly normal. It sometime results in Alex walking around like a zombie at work the next day. I say do it while you can, while you’re still young and able to get in to all those positions. Before your body can’t quite lend itself to all your favourite positions. OK, I’m stopping right there before I depress myself.

What I really want to put to you is this, “what do you personally, consider a normal amount of daily sexual activity”? I need this as a bench mark guys, to level myself. For me 2 or 3 times a day is normal. More if possible, but Alex does have to go to work unfortunately. LOL. Check this link, I’m doing my bit for the UK equalling the totals for the countries France to Bulgaria.

I was prompted to consider my daily sexual encounter count (that was a mouthful wasn’t it? See there I go again) whilst reading “Worth The Wait” I commented there and raised the question, “Am I a nympho”? What constitutes a nymphomaniac, where do you cross the boundaries of normal and acceptable copulation and err towards the obsessive? Would you recognise this over zealous behaviour in yourself or would a kind friend have to put you straight? Who decides how many times you should copulate daily?

Yes, I know there are often restrictions within the home and workplace that make it almost impossible to have sex when desired. Therefore, the figures could be slightly skewed by these mundane commitments.

But, if you could put the restrictions and trappings of daily life behind you and not be bound by any shackles. How many times would feel right for you? Does the desire to have sex frequently arise from an addiction? You know like eating chocolate. The more you eat the more you desire only you don’t feel sick when you over indulge in sexual activity. At least I hope not.

I heard that men are only given a bucket of sperm to last them throughout a lifetime. In that case Alex’s bucket must be about ready for a refill. LOL.