Boob Spotting

By | June 10, 2009

Suze BoobI seem to have a talent for spotting boob jobs, even when they are borderline. They don’t seem to behave like real ones and give themselves away and in some cases border on the ridiculous.

And the sad thing is they are becoming so normal now that guys expect all boobs to look like that. They are in for a shock!

Most of us know the key things to look out for when spotting breast implants but just in case you are having problems, I found this article.

One they didn’t mention was, if when they are pushed together an “!” is formed between them they are fake. When pushed together they should sit firmly next to each other if the breasts are ample, there certainly shouldn’t be a gap.

And if the nipples point in different directions they may just be fake. Lol