Dirty, Kinky Sex

By | June 10, 2009

Finger HerselfI didn’t quite believe the stories which were hitting the papers when they first broke, regarding David Carradine. For me I will always remember him playing the part of “Grasshopper” in the Kung Fu series that used to run on television.

But as time went by I did begin to wonder why someone would be tied up in a wardrobe. It just a sounds plain strange. There were early reports that he was found with rope around his neck, genitals and wrist but they were soon replaced by more vague and quite frankly, less kinky reports on the BBC news.

The Sun is never afraid to tell it how it is or isn’t for that matter but they seem to be digging up all the dirt in this report.

I suppose the BBC were waiting for the earlier reports from the Thai press to be clarified. And still now they don’t appear to have highlighted the fact that this looks like another case of auto-erotic asphyxiation gone wrong.

The first and last time I heard of anyone accidentally killing themselves practicing this kind of edge play was in 1997 when the gorgeous Michael Hutchence met his fate. What a sad loss he was to the musical world, I was just starting to get in to his music and quite honestly him. I thought he was yummy.

I can’t say that I understand quite why anyone would want to go a state of near death to get their kicks. And I would certainly recommend that it should be practiced with someone on hand to help out if it starts to go wrong.

Personally, I think I will stick to sex toys instead they are a far safer option.