Flashing My Boobs In The Office

By | June 13, 2009
<Suze Silver Bra
As you are already aware if you have been reading this blog for the last 6 months or so, I have been moved in to a new office with some really weird people. In fact I think I could be one of the most sane members of staff on that floor. Lol

I now have a seat next to Mr Veneers who isn’t in the office much. The reason for the name is because he looks like the stereo typical catalogue man. His teeth almost glow they are that white and even.

He’s alright and when he is in the office livens it up a bit with his tales of being on the road. Which make a pleasant change from the “Knuckle Down” atmosphere which dominates the office most days. I have started to rebel against this and engage Gobshite and Tomgirl in conversation whenever I can.

This then fires The Bully in to engaging them in a conversation about work. It’s like Bully baiting and makes for a bit of fun. Lol

Now back to the reason for this post. Today it was very hot in the office and I was wearing a black skirt and white short sleeved blouse. My outfit kept me cool but not covered up. I had previously dried my blouse in the tumble dryer and it was now a size smaller than it should have been.

This resulted in the button between my cleavage being under tension as the fabric tried it’s best to burst me out. I would have selected another to wear but there was no time left to iron something else this morning.

It was mid afternoon and Mr Veneer was freed from his calls and engaged in a bit of light hearted banter with me. Before long we were both laughing and as we both sat giggling I noticed his attention focusing on my cleavage.

I immediately followed his gaze and noticed the gaping hole in my shirt between the buttons. From where he was sitting he must have had a great view of my cleavage. At this point I wondered weather to catch his eye and embarrass him at being caught in the act of letching or turn a blind eye to it.

In the end I decided it would have been fun to let him know that I had seen him but I decided not to. It made me feel naughty though, just knowing that he was thinking of me in a slightly different way to work colleague. 😉

Remind me to check out his groin next week. Lol