One Size Fucks All

By | June 14, 2009

DildoIt occurred to me after testing my latest vibe that not everyone is built the same. I know that sounds a little obvious but bear with me. What I mean is anatomically we are all configured slightly differently.

That is to say, some girls are petite and others are 5′ 7″ just like me. And bearing that in mind, my clit is going to be a different distance from my vaginal opening to a small girl. Likewise internally, my g-spot is probably deeper inside me than someone who isn’t as tall.

All this makes perfect sense really, our anatomy is all proportionate and relational in size. For example the length of our hand is equal to the length of our face and so on.

So the one size fits all shouldn’t work, perhaps some of our female readers would like to offer their views on this. Do you find that standard sex toys simply aren’t configured for you?

The solution to this can only be to supply varying sizes which could prove expensive. So how about an interchangeable head, graded by size. Or large, small and medium options on products.

I can’t see this happening any time soon but the concept of made to measure adult toys is an interesting one.

Watch this space you never know, in a few months time I may be reporting that a manufacturer has come up with the solution.