Jizz And Jazz

By | June 14, 2009

SuzeAlex and I went out for a celebratory pub lunch today. The weather was beautiful, bright, sunny and very warm. What better day could there be to take a trip out to our favourite country pub.

I heard you. I’ll let you know exactly what we were celebrating later. 🙂

The pub was busy and the food was up to it’s usual delicious standard and all washed down with a pint of beer. So stomachs full and feeling more than a little sleepy, a combination of a full tummy, beer and the heat.

We returned home, climbed the stairs, stripped off and climbed in to bed with just a thin sheet to cover us. I gave Alex a quick kiss and then turned my back so that he could spoon with me. I love snoozing with him like this, it makes me feel protected and loved.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I could feel myself slowly drifting. Then I felt a hand on my hip, warm breath against my neck, then a kiss planted gently in the nape of my neck.

I moaned an approving moan of encouragement. His hand was now on my right hip making me lean slightly forward and present my pussy to him. My legs opened as if by auto-response.

His hand passed between my legs, up in to the fold of my pussy lips. He ran his fingers between them, testing my moisture level. Slicking me up. And then he pushed his groin against me and I felt his hard cock nuzzling between my labia and angling towards my moist hole.

With a flexing of his hips Alex pushed in to me, filling me with his firm appendage. I pushed my ass up to him, trying to devour every last millimetre of him. His hand came round to cup my right breast as he started to thrust in to me.

The sleepy haze combined with Alex’s attentions soon had me moaning those words “I’m coming”. Alex stepped up a gear and started to slam in to me, his hips making hard contact with my buttocks with each in stroke.

His breath was fast and shallow and I could sense him nearing his climax. My attention was then drawn away from the situation. I could hear a saxaphone being played nearby. It sounded good, very sexual and it added to the moment. It was like being a accompanied by a soundtrack as we fucked.

Almost like we had communicated with the player in some way he began to belt out some really good jazz and before I knew what was happening, Alex was roaring behind me and driving in to me with deep, slow, deliberate thrusts. The kind which herald his orgasm. Then I felt the tell tale twitching of his cock as he shot his load inside me.

And the music drifted in through the open window…