In Bed With – Ree Petra

By | June 14, 2009

Ree PetraRee Petra is relatively new to the porn industry but with her enthusiasm for the industry and obvious sense of fun we are sure she’ll become very big very quickly. Featured on the cover of her first movie release for Harmony Films “Sex Maniax” she’s becoming a regular with that studio, having since appeared in Foxy Tarts, The Wicked Ones and Satan’s Whore

OK Ree, first question, where were you born?

“Birmingham you can tell by the bad accent” She laughs.

We’ve seen you in Harmony films. Are you just shooting for Harmony or are you working with other content producers?

“No just harmony right now as I like there style.” And so do we Ree.

Were you spotted by a studio/photographer, or did you go looking for work as a performer in the adult industry?

“I got into it with my boyfriend as a bit of fun. Started as talk in the bedroom and next thing I know I’m on the front cover of my first film.”

What’s been your biggest thrill so far? Was it a specific shoot, performance, or just being part of the industry?

“The whole thing … how amazing is it to go to a shoot have your hair and make-up done then get a sexy outfit to wear and fuck loads of guys and girls … its just a dream.”

Have your friends and family been supportive in your adult career?

“My parents don’t know hehehe I know I’m bad but my sisters just laugh because they know what I’m like I don’t stop doing something because they don’t agree. We all make our own choices in life.”

Good on you Ree.

You are openly bisexual. Is your current partner male or female?

“Male but we play a lot with other girls and boys.”

Ooh sounds interesting.

We’ve seen you in three different movies so far, with a different hair colour in each. Do you like to give yourself different looks by changing your hair?

“Yes I love blonde but went brown for a change I’m going dark next then red, haha! Need to keep it mixed up.”

You’ve also had some great outfits. Naughty and not very innocent in “The Wicked Ones”, kinky in “Sex Maniax” and sexy in “Satan’s whore”. Do you enjoy the costumes and do the costumes affect your performance?

“I love dressing up. I love the Tanya Hyde stuff its really fetish and I love that. It definitely affects how you feel as a woman that’s what my boyfriend loves, as soon as I’m dressed up that’s Ree Petra in-role, its good two have two different personalities.”

Can you tell us about your most embarrassing moment as a performer?

“Well its not really me but on the first shoot that me and my boyfriend did, Sex Maniax, he was hung in “body bag” which zipped up all the way and he got his dick caught in the zip before the BJ. But I got it hard even though it was hurting him.” She giggles mischievously.

What was the best/most enjoyable shoot you appeared in?

“Has to be foxy tarts. Me and 3 scary clowns it was all about me and I was the boss.” She laughs again. “Ha! The best part of a shoot for me is the cum shot – so I was a happy girl at the end of the shoot.”

Do you have favourite male performers to work with?

“Freaky Deak”

Do you have any preferences when it comes to directors?

“Tanya Hyde all the way.”

What sort of preparations do you have to make before you begin a day’s work?

“This is going to sound bad but the only thing I do is make sure my pussy is shaved and looking cute. I don’t do anal so don’t need to starve my self or anything like that [and] my boyfriend wont give me sex the night before … so if I can fill my mouth full of tasty spunk …”

What’s your ultimate goal as an adult model and performer?

“I don’t have one. This is not a job for me it’s just fantasy and pleasure so I don’t really have a goal. [perhaps] just make good DVDs for people to enjoy like I enjoy making them.”

Beyond what you’re doing now do you aspire to direct, produce, have your own studio? Or do you want to move out of adult one day?

“No I think I’ll always be naughty and go to naughty parties but I doubt I’ll stay in this crazy world.”

How was your trip to Australia? “Mad, mad, mad, mad we played up and they loved us.” She giggles.

We know you and Keisha met Pricasso – Did he paint your picture?

“That was just strange you have to see this guy to beleive [him, he] sent me funny.”

Did you clean his “Brush” afterwards?

“;) No, I licked it.” That giggle again.

What projects do you have coming up in the near future?

“[I’ve] got a plan but I’m keeping it [low profile] don’t want to jinks it but it will be big and very sexy.”

We are sure it will.

What sites do you currently appear on?

“I’m just on Harmony right now waiting for this little plan to come together then my site will start.”

Are there any directors or actors you would like to perform with?

“I’m not picky as long as its hot and hard I’ll fuck it.”

Ree Petra can bee seen in four Harmony Films releases at the time of publication. Two of those The Wicked Ones and Satan’s Whore, have been reviewed on Sex Toys Buzz.

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