Boobs And Bukkake

By | June 15, 2009

FacialWent out for a pub lunch today. That was a weird experience.

First of all we were a little late. Not that you can be late as such for anything on a Sunday, but we do like to arrive at the pub reasonably early as it’s popular for Sunday lunch and a late arrival means slower service.

A bit of a queue had developed at the bar and because of that there was some confusion about who should be served next. The bar stands in the middle of the three main rooms of the pub, serving all of them. It’s always amazed me how good bar staff manage to serve on multiple bars and not ignore anyone who needs serving. Anyway, an America couple who were choosing their food before we arrived sort of slipped in behind us in the queue and looked very uncomfortable about mentioning we seemed top have jumped in front. So I ushered them forward to be served. We simply knew what we wanted.

Not difficult as we have become very predictable. Even the barmaid who served us (and isn’t a weekend regular) knew what we wanted and simply wrote out our order without me having to tell her. She’s not the barmaid from the other week, the one who had a very ample bosom BTW. No, this one has a very nice chest but not as large, and she’s almost my age, so I’ve decided I’m OK to ogle her.

So I did.

She was wearing a loose grey, low-cut top. Practical for the heat of today. She was also wearing a red bra. How do I know? Because as she leaned forward to pull Suze’s pint of larger and blackcurrant she leant forward and I couldn’t help but look. OK, I know I could have looked elsewhere but it was a nice view, just a flash of red hehehe.

Anyway, we were sitting down eating our lunch and Suze did her usual trick of catching half of a conversation and misinterpreting it. What she heard was a guy telling his fellow diners about spraying it everywhere. Well, in Suze’s twisted little mind that could only refer to Bukkake … it transpired that it was actually about using a pressure washer to clean a caravan.

There’s never a dull moment at our local pub …